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From Katie Mitchell’s “…some trace of her”, based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot (2008)
"Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, Something you do , Something you are, And something you give away"
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Nothin will really fuck with your 20’s like having a mass spiritual awakening and realizing everything you once thought was real is completely wrong and we are actually worth more than the people that should of told us did

We are love, we are light, we are awakening.

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ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing never happened

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Hi Danielle, hope all is well! I really enjoy your blog! Are you on any other social networks? -Michael

Sorry I’m so late answering, I am on Instagram and Facebook!


If you ever think your parents are too hard on you just remember that Mufasa materialized as a cloud to tell Simba to get his shit together.

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I literally crave affection. It’s not about sex. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and to lay their head on my lap. I crave kisses, holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. Just looking at someone and thinking “how did I get this lucky”.

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